How Your Business Can Succeed In Spite Of Those Uncertain Times
How Your Business Can Succeed In Spite Of Those Uncertain Times
Posted By - Gary Levesque
Category - Tips & Tricks For Local Small Business In The Cape Breton Region
Uncertain times in the world can be used to boost your creative advantage! Step up
to the challenge. Be an ambitious leader. Continue creating a life & business
you absolutely love (with maybe a few extra rolls of toilet paper in your house.)
Here are 3 easy ways your business can succeed during uncertain times:
1) Go virtual
Many physical stores have been closed for a certain amount of time. Local small
businesses are not going to be able to operate like the way they
operated in the past. We should be Thankful the current world crisis is
happening at a time when we have access to the internet!
It certainly would have been better to have your business game
plan mapped out in advance of a time like this, if you didnʼt
- now is the time to put on your thinking cap and shift gears.
How can you take your business online?
What social media features could you take advantage of?
How can you still offer your products & services to people
during this unpredictable time?
Your business doesnʼt have to stop
operating completely. You donʼt have to stop making
money. You simply have to run your business & make money in a new, unique
way! A Novel way!
2) Offer value for free
People still need to keep occupied & have something to do during these times!
Many families have self quarantined and continue to avoid
leaving the house or going out unless it's absolutely necessary.
Think of how you can be of service to your ideal customers & clients during this time. Could you
offer a week of free trial classes through an online platform like ZOOM? If you are a
baker, teach an online baking class for free!
If you own a dance studio, throw on your camera & teach a
class online! Offer free consultation calls. Give away a dayʼs worth of social
media content by running a contest.
Get creative & come up with a plan of how you are going to get people to still
interact with your business from home.
3) Pump out content
We probably donʼt need to convince you of this, but everyone is going to continue
spending lots of time on technology. Phone, laptop & TV usage is on the rise!
In reality, what an awesome opportunity for us as business owners! This is the perfect
time to be creating valuable content for our audiences.
We need to be posting on social media regularly. We need to be going LIVE.
Filming YouTube videos. Recording podcast episodes. Why? Because people
have time to consume it all & they are looking for ways to occupy themselves.
Plus, if you are social distancing, you also have all the time in the world to
work on your business. No excuses - Get to work!
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