From The Fog Of Confusion To The Crystal Of Clarity
From The Fog Of Confusion To The Crystal Of Clarity
Posted By - Gary Levesque
Category - Tips & Tricks For Local Small Business In The Cape Breton Region

Confusion is the enemy of a sale.

Your potential customers have absolutely no interest in wasting their time trying to piece
together who you are, what you do & what your offer is.

Buyers require clarity why they should be giving you any money.
They want to feel comfortable & proud of the decision theyʼve made to invest into
your products or services.


This is why client testimonials, sneak peek videos, customer reviews and a strong
social media presence matter so darn much! These add credibility to your business
& provide an ideal customer/client more confidence in their buying decision.


Avoid unnecessary confusion by making your offers crystal clear.


1) Donʼt hold back on the details


Too often we see far many service based businesses not
sharing the investment price on their website or marketing material.


This practice might be your personal preference
but 9 out of 10 times your ideal client wants to know the
cost to work with you- UPFRONT!


The people who are suppose to be your clients will not shy
away because of the required investment.


Displaying the cost upfront shows confidence in your ability to
deliver results when you are transparent about the important details that you already
know they are going to ask you about!


2) Donʼt share the unnecessary
If youʼre a personal trainer - you want to convince a potential ideal
client why they should improve their health & fitness with you
by their side.


You donʼt need to go into the history of personal training or the
anatomy of arm muscles to convince someone to work with you!
People donʼt want to waste time reading about that! Why should
anyone do business with you instead of someone else?


3) Donʼt be a department store
As much as you might have to offer the world, you
can never be everything to everyone. You always limit your
offers & products to those that reflect the impact you want to
create through your business.
3 solid offers is significantly more effective than 30 mediocre pitches.
5 consistently selling products is better than 50 that produce no revenue.


As you continue to build a life & business you love this week, remember this…

“A confused mind does not buy.”

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